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Anonymous whispered: I would ask for an EXO Kai scenario where you take care of him when he was sick and overworked, you are his girlfriend. Good luck!;))

Groaning softly, your drowsy, stuffy boyfriend hangs from his bed like a limp doll, whining your name, “Baby, where are you?!” he whines louder, sitting up slowly, rubbing at his eyes weakly, his body weak and achy from all of the constant promotions as of late.

Looking up at the soft shuffle by the door, he grins slowly, his eyes drooping sleepily. “Jongin-ah” you hum, moving to sit beside him, your hands lifting to touch his forehead wincing at how the skin nearly burns your fingers.

“How bad is it, doc?” he teases, a lazy grin tugging at his lips, his words muffled by the stuffiness in his nose. You fight a small smile at how cute he is like this.

“Horrible, you’re on your death bed.” You tease, moving to stand to go get a cool rag to set on his forehead only to be pulled back to the bed, against his chest. Grunting slightly when you hit his solid chest, you whine, lifting your arms out like a child.

“Jongin-ah, lemme go~!” you whine, wiggling in his hold. He chuckles softly, burying his face into your neck.

“Your skin is cool, jagi… lay with me” he pleads, already falling back into the pillows, dragging you down with him. Sighing, you shake your head.

“I need to get a cool rag, babe.” You say softly, brushing his bangs from his face. He just pouts up at you, tugging you down so he can lay his forehead against your neck again, the heat making you whimper softly.

“Your skin is cold, jagi… please?” he begs, eyes fluttering closed slowly. Making a face at the back of his head, you give in, letting him snuggle into you, laying half on top of you so he can touch as much of your ‘cold’ skin as he can. Slowly, his breathing slows as he falls asleep.

That’s what you thought until you felt his hand sliding down your back and to your butt. Gapping, you smack his hand away.

“Pervert!” you yelp, making him laugh.

“Hey, I’m sick! You’re supposed to be nice to me” he play whimpers, putting on an act as he cradles his ‘hurt’ hand to his chest, still snuggling more into your hold. Snorting a laugh, you shake your head at him.

“Go to sleep, Jongin.” Smiling, he lays his head on your shoulder, dozing off almost immediately. Smiling softly, you lay awake, toying with his hair.

“Pabo” you whisper fondly. 

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ask me EXO questions/ scenarios! <3 

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